What is SEO and Its Benefits ?

Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.  The SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.

➢Search Engine Optimization ensures that your product is easily found by search engine sites through regular and organic search.
➢ Once you remain at the top of the ranking, Internet users will be able to see you more.
➢ This leads to a higher tendency for your link to be clicked, which leads the users to your website.
➢ SEO helps to boost your sales if you have products in Ecommerce website and get more traffic & leads.
➢ It helps to maintain the website speed under 1 sec loading time.
➢ It helps to stand your business online with your competitors.

benefits of SEO

"SEO Can Be a Long Term Marketing Strategy"

SEO Takes

➢Just as how long it took you to reach those top ranks, pulling you down the list also takes time.

➢SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. Six (6) months is the minimum duration for a website to maintain optimal ranking.

➢Unless Google algorithm is changed or other competitors have fueled their SEO strategies, it is not easy to pull you down the search rankings.

“Key Tactics to Include in Ecommerce SEO Strategy”


The best Ecommerce SEO strategy includes:

➢Keyword research to find the types of keywords customers are searching.

➢Site architecture based on your keyword research.

➢ On-Page SEO through strategic keyword optimization in Meta tags and content.

➢ Off- Page SEO through image sharing, video sharing and articles.

➢ Technical SEO to help ensure search engines can crawl your site efficiently.

➢Local SEO to help drive local organic traffic.

➢ Content marketing to drive additional organic visitors.

➢Link Building to help improve the authority of your website.

➢ Measuring SEO Success with tools like Google Analytics and Ahrefs.

“Top 11 Benefits of SEO to Your Business”

1. SEO Leads to Better User Experience:

There are many ways you can improve your website and maximize user experience.

This includes providing your audience with relevant information, related photos or videos to support text, easy to navigate web pages or a mobile-friendly website configuration. All of this leads to a better user experience. This results in more clicks, more leads, better brand recall and higher conversion rates.

11 benefits
2. Search Engine Optimization Primary Source of Leads:

Inbound includes search engine optimization, social media, content marketing, referrals and others. Inbound strategies are the most effective and successful source of leads among Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C) and non-profit organizations.

3. SEO Results to Higher Conversion Rate:

The good ranking of your site on any search engine websites can guarantee you high conversion rates. Your target market will become more aware of you as long as you maintain your top position.

As customers are becoming more familiar with your brand and as their knowledge about products/services increase, there is a great possibility for customers to close the deal with you.

4. Better Cost Management through SEO:

 The SEO lowers advertising costs. When you already have a top ranking, there is no need for you to pay per click or advertise your page. You will continue to stay above the rest of the search results as long as Internet users click your search links.

5.  Increases Your Followers on Social Media through SEO:

By the time, you land on the first page of search engine sites, more and more people will know about you. Your brand’s awareness can go a long way, even to various social media channels. As users visit your website, they are more likely to click on your social media icons and eventually follow you.

6. SEO Improves Website Speed:

The speed of your website can affect your rankings on various search engine websites. Speed matters to avoid reduction of customer satisfaction and to further promote better user experience.

7. SEO Takes You Ahead of the Competition:

You will grow as a business once you’ve implemented digital marketing. Strategies to your overall organizational plan. These strategies include search engine optimization. Integrating all of these together will help you take the lead among competitors in the market.

8. SEO Helps Establish Brand Awareness:

Brand Awareness is the extent to which the target market recognizes a brand. This refers to how familiar your customers are with your product or service.

“Creating brand awareness is one of the key steps in promoting aproduct.”

 Search Engine Optimization ensures that your product is easily found by search engine sites through regular and organic search. Once you remain at the top of the ranking, Internet users will be able to see you more.

9. SEO Ensures Mobile-Friendliness of Your Website:

Search engine optimization improves user experience because Google Search has included another parameter as a ranking signal and this refers to the friendliness of websites to mobile devices. In any case, the absence of a versatile well-disposed experience could affect contrarily on the rankings of that site, and a site with superior portable encounter would conceivably get rankings help in any event for searches on a work area.


Back in April 2015, Google Search stated that mobile-friendliness has a significant impact on websites’ rankings on Google Search. This change will result in better user experience and easier navigation of websites.

10. SEO Creates Collaboration of All Marketing Activities Online:

All of your marketing strategies conducted online will contribute to the success of your search engine optimization efforts. Marketing activities such as content marketing, direct e-mail, social media marketing, blogging, web management, e-commerce, and others will help you get better rankings on several search engine sites.

11. SEO Encourages Local Users to Visit the Physical Store After the Search:

After conducting a local research, there is a high tendency for customers to visit the local store or shop.

For example, an internet user keys in “Best Seafood Restaurant in Singapore”.

This will then show a variety of options. The internet user will then visit his or her top choice and becomes a customer of that restaurant.


➢Search Engine Optimization is one of the strategies that will help you top the competition.

➢SEO refers to the ability of a website to gain quantitative and qualitative website visits through organic search engine results.

➢Make sure to take on the challenge and use SEO to your advantage.


The opportunity for your brand, in terms of awareness and brand equity, is limitless. The digital world has provided us with a numerous of options to explore with the aim of achieving overall organizational goals.

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