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Hero Time is the first foreign-owned enterprise in China to deal exclusively with board and card games. The company was founded by Hersh Glueck in August 2019, after Hersh realized that many new and indie board game creators are at times marginalized and don’t have access to the same level of services large publishers have.


Many creators, experienced and new, do not have sufficient access to critical information when making their games and do not feel like someone is there for them. Hero Time was founded to change this status quo and provide a platform for game creators to get all they need in the easiest way possible.


Since childhood Hersh was a board game fan, playing various games with his three brothers and sisters. Hersh has been living in China for six years, and after his brother created his game Zaberias, and faced challenges with manufacturers, Hersh decided to open Hero Time and make board game manufacturing accessible to all.


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